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Did I say something wrong? February 19, 2011

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With my previous post as evidence, I have become weary of these winter months. But alas, some hope. Yesterday, to my bewilderment and jubilation, the mercury rose to an unbelievable level of 65 degrees. Through-out the week before I had watched with trepidation as this day of deliverance crept ever closer to reality across the ten-day forecast. I was getting ready to bust out the sun screen. My inner cyclist kept jumping with joy that spring was here, but my more logical side told me it was not here to stay. But I didn’t really have to listen to either of them, because I knew one thing for a fact; I was going to ride. I could barely contain myself as I drove home from college, packed the Lotus in the back of my car, and drove down to my regular staging area. It felt so good just to be getting ready to ride, the anticipation was killing me. I suited up and rolled the bike out into the alley, which was now thick with mud, behind main street. I clipped my right foot into my new clip-less pedals, pushed off, and nearly fell flat on my face. It was at this time that I remembered that video I had watched about getting used to these new pedals before going out on the road, but as Iron Man would say, “sometimes you have run, before you can walk”. I was on the road! After a five month hiatus from the saddle, I was back. The open road lay before me, ready to receive all my fury and excitement. The cool, snow-conditioned air in my lungs and the warm, constant power of the sun on my face. The first ride of the season is something that can not be put into words. As far as I’m concerned, there is no combination of keystrokes that could possibly convey the feelings of that first taste of the open road. It is the purest and most real form of freedom I have ever known. After an hour and a half and 24 m. under my belt, I felt like I could go on forever. But unfortunately the temperature followed the evening sun and the Iowa winter returned. The spring weather fled as fast as it appeared. Hopefully I’ll be able to hold on to this motivation throughout the rest of this season. I thought my prayers had been answered with a taste of spring, but now this return of winter has me wondering, did I say something wrong?


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