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An Appeal to the Reader March 1, 2011

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At the time of this posting, this blog has received 120 hits. I am honored by the fact that someone out there is taking the time to look at, maybe even read my blog. I would like to encourage the viewers of my posts to please comment or reply to any of my posts that you may find interesting, engaging, funny, thoughtful, or worthy of further discussion. I will gladly reply to any comments that are left on this blog, and look forward to hearing from you. Happy Trails


2 Responses to “An Appeal to the Reader”

  1. DM Says:

    Your blog post(s) take me back to my early blogging days. I too LOVED to see the counter register someone had actually read something I’d written…eventually the comments began to trickle in…and here I am 4 yrs later, still writing…so a question šŸ™‚ have you ever ridden on RAGBRAI? (We’ve not) although we’ve hosted a couple of groups last time they were in our area…which I think was late 90’s I came across your blog because of one of your tags (Iowa) Side note- I found one of the most effective ways to get traffic on my blog was to post comments on other blogs I enjoyed. Later- DM

    • iowacycle92 Says:

      Thanks for the advice. It’s been fun to start this blog and I hope I have the motivation to keep writing as long as you have. Regarding your question, RAGBRAI is actually a major reason for me starting this blog. 2011 will be me first year on the ride and I am very excited. I will be riding it with my dad who has done it before (many years ago), and he has also ridden across the country 3 times and once from OR to AK, and toured in New Zealand, so I think he wants to see if he can still put the miles down. I hope to keep some sort of journal while on RAGBRAI, so after I get back I will be posting my thoughts and adventures here. God Bless

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