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A reflection on Iowa April 7, 2011

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I would like to start a little discussion here, by posing a question. What is your favorite thing about Iowa?
Even if you don’t live here or think that Iowa is where all the potatoes come from, your thoughts are welcome on what makes your state a great one.


One Response to “A reflection on Iowa”

  1. DM Says:

    I”ll answer your question, w/ a portion of a blog post from a while back:
    ” ”When the Vikings found Iceland and decided it was so beautiful they wanted to stay. However, they really didn’t want anyone to bother them, invade them, or join them…. so, they named it “Iceland.” They named the landmass to the northwest of them “Greenland” simultaneously. Iceland is green, and Greenland is nothing but ice. They hoped people would go to Greenland first, find it to be impossible, and determine that Iceland must be a floating iceberg in comparison .”
    What do Iowa and Iceland have in common? – both are hidden treasures

    YOu can read the rest of it here: later- DM

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