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Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows November 4, 2011

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Windows of a lighthouse give the flame protection from the storm, while allowing its light to give warning.


6 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows”

  1. jbheronneau Says:

    Very good composition and the grey is absolutly welcome 🙂 It makes your light house stunning!

  2. Huffygirl Says:

    I love lighthouses and I really like this photo. Where did you take it and how did you get the top of the lighthouse? There aren’t any lighthouses in Iowa are there?

    • iowacycle92 Says:

      This is the Cape Meares Lighthouse on the Oregon coast. The lighthouse is set down on the cliff so there is a walk-way that is at it’s level. And actually there is a lighthouse in Muscatine, IA, but it doesn’t hold a “candle” to Oregon lighthouses.

  3. jakesprinter Says:

    very useful lighthouse nice post .

  4. Angelia Sims Says:

    I am a huge lighthouse fan. LOVE THIS! Is this the one by Newport? I’ve never been, but have seen lots of pics. Very nice!

    • iowacycle92 Says:

      This is the Cape Meares Lighthouse, just West of Tillamook. I took this on a motorcycle trip, and even though it rained most of the day, I absolutely love the Oregon coast.

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