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A reflection on Iowa April 7, 2011

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I would like to start a little discussion here, by posing a question. What is your favorite thing about Iowa?
Even if you don’t live here or think that Iowa is where all the potatoes come from, your thoughts are welcome on what makes your state a great one.


Wind. It’s a love/hate relationship. April 6, 2011

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During my hours in the saddle over the past few weeks, riding through cold and heat, rain and shine, one thing has remained a constant; wind. The factor of the wind is a complex one. At times it is utterly demoralizing, such as when you push for all your worth to get to the top of the hill, with the dream of coasting down the other side, only to realize that the wind is so strong that you have to peddle almost as hard just to go down-hill. Yet at other times the wind can be your best friend. After miles of battling with this bitter foe, you’re able to turn around for the return trip, and the wind suddenly becomes your best friend, pushing you along the road like a parent pushes a child on the swing. Through all my battles with this eternal force, I have begun to learn to view the wind from a different perspective. I, like most people, used to view the wind as something that would either make-or-break the ride, but now I have tried to change my view. Wind, when it would seem to pit it’s will against my, can be viewed as an extra component to make me stronger. The wind definitely makes the ride harder, but that in turn makes me more able to fight it. So in reality, the harder the wind blows, the stronger I become. The wind is really helping me train, its like a coach who’s in the chase car next to me, pushing me to go harder. I think this idea can also be applied to life in general. ¬†When we are pushed down by difficulties, we are tempted to just give up, when in fact we should push harder. To adopt the old adage, “what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger”. I also find comfort and motivation in a quote from Lance Armstrong, “Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.” So I encourage you to go forth and fight the good fight. I also encourage you to comment or share on a moment in your live that you have gone the distance and persevered, against the wind.




An Appeal to the Reader March 1, 2011

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At the time of this posting, this blog has received 120 hits. I am honored by the fact that someone out there is taking the time to look at, maybe even read my blog. I would like to encourage the viewers of my posts to please comment or reply to any of my posts that you may find interesting, engaging, funny, thoughtful, or worthy of further discussion. I will gladly reply to any comments that are left on this blog, and look forward to hearing from you. Happy Trails