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Ride Like a Kid! August 27, 2011

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Since I rode RAGBRAI this summer, I have come to the realization that I enjoy going full-steam race-mode for twenty minutes more than spinning at 12 mph for 5 hours. Okay, when I say enjoy I really mean I get much more satisfaction from cycling that way, which is what riding a bike is all about, having a good time out on the road and feeling good about it when you get back home, which brings me to my topic. For the last few weeks I have been riding pretty hard to get ready for winter, trying to stick to a training plan and all that stuff. After a few days, I found myself less and less enthusiastic about riding, and coming to the point of just giving up on the training plan all together. It’s often in the lowest of places that we can see most clearly. Riding a bike for me had become less recreation and more work, and that is when it came to me. I need to ride like a kid again. I needed to forget about my heart rate, cadence, average speed, what route to take, and just go for a ride because it’s fun. I think we could all use a little of this childish spirit, to do something because we love to do it, and not worry about how we do it or why, but just enjoy it for what it is. So get out there and act like a kid, then go back to work and the real world.